Innovision pushes Near Field Communications

Innovision, the UK company behind the Topaz tag type format, is using CES 2008 to promote its developments in Near Field Communication (NFC), a short-range high frequency wireless comms technology. Specifically, it is demonstrating its new NFC Bluetooth photo frames, which transfer and display photos wirelessly using an NFC device.

The company specialises in NFC/RFID technology and claims it now has one of the largest dedicated NFC engineering design teams in the world,

“It’s fair to say that as NFC starts to find its way into the world’s most popular electronic device, the mobile handset, the opportunities are endless,” said Marc Borrett, Business Development Direct at Innovision Research & Technology.

The company has been promoting possible uses for NFC and suggestions include a mobile phone that can read out product information for partially sighted people, and using NFC to encourage outdoor physical activity.

“What CES allows us to do,” said Borrett, “is to show some of these simple yet pragmatic applications to huge numbers of people at one time and really demonstrate the powerful capabilities of a technology which is set to change the way we communicate and share information.”

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