Linux will cut cost of 3G mobiles below $100, says NXP

NXP Semiconductors has teamed up with mobile Linux design company Purple Labs to create a 3G Linux reference design for a low cost multimedia phone which operators will buy for less than $100.

According to commented Simon Wilkinson, CEO of Purple Labs, mobile operators have been purchasing entry-level 3G phones for $120 to $145. “Leveraging our Linux technology, the Purple Magic design now enables manufacturers to deliver compelling 3G products at a transfer price below $100,” said Wilkinson.

The reference phone is based on the NXP Nexperia Cellular System Solution 7210 for 3G, coupled with the Purple Labs Linux suite.

“We believe in Linux as the basis for the next generation of mobile handset innovation,” said Dan Rabinovitsj, senior v-p at NXP Semiconductors.

According to the GSA mobile industry trade group, there are now 197 commercial 3G/WCDMA networks in 87 countries, but the adoption of 3G services is concentrated in mature European and Asian markets.

“The Purple Magic reference phone clearly demonstrates our combined leadership in the mobile Linux arena,” added Wilkinson.
To date mobile Linux developments have largely concentrated on high-end devices, so this is one of the first 3G Linux reference designs aimed at a mass market product.

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