Major smartphone firm adopts NFC, says Inside Secure

Inside Secure said it is integrating its near field communication (NFC) chipsets into a smartphone from “a leading mobile phone manufacturer” scheduled to be introduced by mid-year.

The smartphone will run on “one of the most widely used mobile operating systems under license”. It will use the firm’s MicroRead NFC controller chip and Open NFC protocol stack software.

According to Charles Walton, general manager and EVP for INSIDE Secure, the firm’s Open NFC software along with MicroRead and SecuRead devices have already been deployed in millions of smartphones.

“We are very pleased to be providing this NFC implementation for this advanced smartphone, and to have earned the confidence of major OEMs and operators in this industry,” said Walton.

Embedding NFC in smartphones will allow people to use their mobile phones to pay when they shop or pair Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks more quickly.

The company said it has shipped 20 million MicroRead and SecuRead NFC devices since February 2011, with 10 million of those shipments taking place in the past three months.


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