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Mobile World Congress
The annual Mobile World Congress highlights the latest trends in mobile technology and services. It runs from 22 – 25 February in Barcelona, this year, and is organised by the GSMA (GSM Association). The congress brings together mobile operators, equipment vendors as well as industry figures, and Electronics Weekly editor Richard Wilson is our man on the spot.

MWC 2016

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GSMA Mobile World Congress 2016 – Latest News

Thursday 25 February 2016

Picture Gallery: Mobile World Congress 2016
A visual flavour of the Mobile event

MWC: NI shows testbed for LTE in unlicensed spectrum
NI has an embedded design platform for prototyping LTE network nodes which will use the unlicensed frequency at 5.9GHz.

Wednesday 24 February 2016

MWC: EU wants to co-ordinate global plans for 5G spectrum
Plans for a global roll-out of 5G mobile by 2020 are starting to take shape.

MWC: Mobile needs “prime time” yields at 14nm – Cadence
CEO Lip-Bu Tan says yields on the latest generation of semiconductor process technology 14nm are improving and he expects first 1onm silicon in production next year.

MWC: Low power and security is key for NFC wearable designs – ARM
ARM is pushing for the wider use of the near field communications (NFC) wireless protocol in wearable devices, at Mobile World Congress

MWC: Virtual Reality gets big Facebook push in Barcelona
The overwhelming presence of one particular product is blatantly obvious at the Mobile World Congress – Virtual Reality (VR)

Tuesday 23 February 2016

MWC: Rohde & Schwarz runs four component carriers for LTE-A mobiles
Rohde & Schwarz demonstrates in Barcelona an RF test set-up for LTE-Advanced carrier aggregation with four component carriers in the downlink.

MWC: Google and Intel look for bandwidth in citizens band radio
keysight x 150Google, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm are part of a group of companies which proposing to use the US 3.5GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for new types of mobile services.

MWC LG G5 joins the party with a Bang (& Olufsen)
LG confirms its latest flagship smartphone, the G5, at a special event before the official opening of Mobile World Conference in Barcelona this week

MWC: Keysight demos tester for 1Gbit/s LTE-A
Featuring LTE-A Pro end-to-end IP data throughput of 1Gbit/s using three component carriers, 4×4 and 2×2 downlink MIMO, and 256 QAM downlink modulation

MWC: LG licenses vision processing IP for mobiles
TransferJet-eval-boardLG Electronics licenses the Ceva imaging and vision digital signal processor (DSP) silicon intellectual property (IP) for integration into mobile processor SoCs.

Antenova reveals antenna for super-fast data transfer between phones
Antenova reveals an antenna for TransferJet, and is demonstrating it at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

MWC: Sequans and Skyworks offer LTE-M platform for IoT
Sequans Communications partners with Skyworks Solutions to design an integrated IoT device for LTE Category M (Cat M) applications.

Monday 22 February 2016

MWC: Samsung reunites with Qualcomm for S7 Edge processors, but not in Europe
Samsung has once again turned to Qualcomm Technologies to power the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

MWC GSMAMWC: Test firms run 1Gbit/s downloads on 4G LTE-A device
Gigabit per second mobile download speeds will become a reality before the roll-out of 5G services.

MWC: Tester for LTE-LAA in unlicensed frequency bands
Cobham Wireless says its TM500 network tester can now validate all the main features of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) up to and including Release 12 of the 3GPP specification.

MWC: Wireless metering goes long range with LoRA
amihoAmiho Technology introduces a wireless transceiver module which integrates two IoT-friendly radio interfaces – LoRa and the 169MHz Wireless Meter-Bus.

MWC: Samsung returns to basics with S7 smartphone
Samsung launches its latest flagship smartphones the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge this evening in Barcelona, on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2016.

MWC: Smartphones get sensorless proximity sensing
Smartphones can have proximity sensing without requiring a hardware optical sensor, according to a Norway-based software company.

MWC: Phones lose grip on mobile
What is interesting about Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016 is that the most exciting developments won’t be in mobile phones.

MWC: LG G5 smartphone has mix & match hardware
LG launches the mix and match smartphone, ahead of Mobile World Congress which starts here in Barcelona tomorrow (22 February).

MWC: BT trials cloud radio access network for 5G
DrTimWhitleyResearchers at BT’s Adastral Park Labs in Ipswich create a cloud radio access network (C–RAN) mobile service over copper.

MWC: Biometric tech is vital for mobile
The growing interest in personal healthcare means that mobile device suppliers need to develop new expertise in biometrics.

Ceva baseband processor for 1Gbit/s LTE phones
Full LTE carrier aggregation and simultaneous 3G working, and 5G operation, will be possible with its latest 16Goperation/s baseband control processor, said intellectual property firm Ceva at its launch.

MWC: Narrowband LTE Cat M chip targets IoTCeva-X4
French mobile chipmaker Sequans Communications announces its first LTE Cat M chip which is compliant with the 3GPP Release 13 LTE Advanced Pro standard.

MWC: The road to cellular IoT
Why is IoT and cloud computing likely to be a big deal at Mobile World Congress 2016 which takes place in Barcelona next week?


Previous GSMA Mobile World Congress 2015

Wednesday 3 March 2015

MWC: Intel and Qualcomm want 60GHz spectrum for 3Gbit/s Wi-Fi
First multi-gigabit Wi-Fi home hubs based on chipsets from Qualcomm and Intel will be introduced before the end of the year.

MWC: Supercomputer used to analyse 5G bandwidth data in real-time
Nvidia is working with IDT and Orange Silicon Valley on a supercomputing platform to analyse 4G to 5G basestation bandwidth data in real-time.

Tuesday 2 March 2015

MWC: ARM CEO calls for mobile network re-think
Simon Segars tells delegates that mobile network infrastructure needs to dramatically change if global markets are going to realise the true potential universal broadband communications.

MWC: Danish firm shows low cost eye-tracking at MWC 2015
Eye tracking software that will run on Android smartphones is demonstrated by Denmark-based firm Eye Tribe.

MWC: ARM thinks IoT not happening fast enough
ARM thinks the development of devices which embed its processors for the Internet of things (IoT) is not happening fast enough.

MWC: Rohde & Schwarz provides voice over LTE test option
Adds an analysis capability for voice over LTE (VoLTE) data and media traffic as an upgrade option for its CMW500 wideband radio communication tester.

MW6Monday 2 March 2015

Samsung confirms processor for S6 is its own design
ARM-based CPU manufacturer Qualcomm is noticeably absent from the hardware specification of the new Galaxy S smartphones, with Samsung finally opting for their own design ARM-based processor, the Exynos.

MWC: Firm uses VR headset to give mobiles 360 degree video
Summit Tech demonstrates 360 degree video calling using virtual reality (VR) headsets at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today.

MWC: MediaTek first with ARM’s Cortex-A72 ‘PC-class’ mobile chip
MediaTek expects to see the first smartphone with a mobile processor it has designed based on an ARM Cortex-A72 dual core processor before the end of the year.

MWC: Phone charger powered by water
MWC1Swedish power company myFC will introduce a mobile phone charger which is powered by a fuel cell charger at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona today.

MWC: Imagination’s small 6XE PowerVR
Intended for wearables and low-end phones, PowerVR G6020 is Imagination Technologies’ smallest Series6XE graphics processor.

MWC: Keysight generates 5G signals
Keysight Technologies announces custom waveform creation software for 5G applications, the N7608B Signal Studio.

MWC: Altera and Escape launch microwave comms modem
Altera and Escape Communications produce a microwave modem design for microwave back-haul and front-haul applications.

MWC: Alcatel-Lucent says small cells are needed for data demand
MWC2Mobile basestations are shrinking and it is all in the interests of meeting the needs of networks tottering under the strain of rapidly increasing mobile data usage.

MWC: Anritsu shows UK cloud technology in connected car
Anritsu demonstrates how a car’s diagnostics system can be connected to the cloud via a simulated LTE network connection.

MWC: Samsung unveils S6 smartphones in Barcelona
We now have the specs for the smartphones which Samsung hopes will slow the wave which Apple set in motion with the launch of its iPhone 6 last October.

MWC: HTC has virtual reality surprise for MWC2015
HTC is quick off the mark with its new smartphone announcement ahead of Samsung’s highly flagged unveiling of its S6 smartphone.


MWC: Huawei launches first smart watch at MWC2015
MWC3Chinese mobile giant Huawei launches a smart watch on the eve of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Blu Wireless validates millimetre wave gigabit modem IP at 40nm
Blu Wireless Technology, which has developed baseband system IP for millimetre wave communications, has implemented its Hydra gigabit modem on a 40nm CMOS process.

Chess champion Magnus Carlsen is a fan of Bluetooth Smart
Nordic Semiconductor will have World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen on its stand at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month to challenge ten chess players in games of ‘blitz’ chess.

French firm develops eco-friendly mobile networks
MWC4A French firm believes it is possible to build mobile phone and TV broadcast networks which have less of an impact on the environment.

5G Millimetre wave platform uses Xilinx IP
A 5G development platform for millimeter wave (mmWave) modems will be demonstrated at Mobile World Congress.

Rohde & Schwarz simulates mixed carrier aggregation on LTE network
Rohde & Schwarz simulates an LTE network with simultaneous time division duplex (TDD) and frequency division duplex (FDD) combining various frequency bands in mixed-mode TDD and FDD mixed carrier aggregation.

China commits to global 5G standard
China wants to see a global standard for 5G, the next generation mobile phone standard which is expected to be introduced by 2020, writes Richard Wilson.

ARM wants PC-like graphics for mobiles
ARM claims its latest processor core for mobile phone chipset designs gives a x50 increase in CPU performance compared to chips of five years ago.


About the GSMA

The GSMA was founded in 1987 and is a global trade association representing GSM mobile phone operators. More than 690 such operators are members, covering 214 territories or countries of. This doesn’t count the 180 manufacturers and suppliers that officially support GSMA’s initiatives as Associate Members.

The stated aims of the GSMA are “to ensure mobile phones and wireless services work globally and are easily accessible, enhancing their value to individual customers and national economies, while creating new business opportunities for operators and their suppliers”.


GSM wireless standards

The association describes GSM as an evolving’ wireless communications standard that covers voice and data services. The related GSM ‘family’ of technologies comprises: the ‘second generation’ GSM (Global System for Mobile communications), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) and 3G GSM services (3GSM) based on W-CDMA and HSDPA technologies. Together these technologies underpin the GSM platform.

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