Motorola sees mobile Linux as dominant technology

Motorola continues to throw its considerable weight behind Linux as an open platform for the development of mobile systems software

Motorola continues to throw its considerable weight behind Linux as an open platform for the development of mobile systems software. 

According to the handset supplier, in the next few years, up to 60% of its handset portfolio is expected to be based on Linux.


Motorola’s latest mobile Linux development platform, known as Motomagx, has been used in the design of two new handsets, the Motorokr Z6 and the Motorola RAZR2 V8, which will be the company’s first Linux-based device for the US market.


“We know that software is just as important as hardware, through the introduction of our Motomagx platform, we are reinforcing our firm commitment to Linux,” said Alain Mutricy, senior v-p platform technology, Motorola Mobile Devices business.

Designed to support content created by third-party developers, the Linux platform currently supports applications developed in Java ME. There is a plan to introduce new WebUI (featuring web technology to enable widgets and Web 2.0 experiences) and native Linux application environments in upcoming releases.


Motorola is also running a series of MOTODEV Summits, one-day events for mobile Linux developers.

Developers interested in creating applications for the Motomagx platform using Java ME can do so today by downloading the Motodev Studio for Java ME application development environment at

WebUI and native Linux plug-ins for Motodev Studio are expected to be available to select developers by the end of Q4 2007.

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