Pericom cleans up automotive PCIe

Pericom Semiconductor, recently acquired by Diodes, has announced multiple PCI Express products for embedded and automotive computing.

Pericom cleans up automotive PCIe

For example there are AEC-Q100 qualified signal repeater chips, which it brands ‘ReDrivers’, for longer USB 3.0 and PCIe cables. ReDrivers compensate for signal distortion, but do not digitally re-time signals – take a look at this Pericom video.

As well, “PI7C9X2G308GP is the industry’s only PCIe 2.0 packet switch that supports x4 upstream to 2 x2 ports downstream, and AECQ 3-Port / 4-Lane packet switch for infotainment applications,” claimed Pericom.

There are also PCIe 2.0 packet switches with integrated clock buffers, and what is claimed to industry’s only AEC-Q100 qualified 100MHz PCIe clock generators – aimed at automotive infotainment.

Products sampling or newly in production:


  • PI7C9X2G608EL: PCIe 2.0 6-ports, 8-lanes packet switch
  • PI7C9X2G308GP: PCIe 2.0 3-ports, 8-lanes packet switch
  • PI7C9X2G312GP: PCIe 2.0 3-ports, 12-lanes packet switch
  • PI7C9X2G304SLBQ: PCIe 2.0 3-ports, 4-lanes packet switch for automotive


  • PI6C557-05Q: PCIe Gen1/Gen2 4 output clock generator
  • PI6C557-03AQ: PCIe 2.0 clock generator with 2 HCSL outputs
  • PI6C557-01BQ: Single HCSL output PCIe clock generator

Signal repeaters with equalisation and emphasis:

  • PI3EQX7741AIQ: 3.3V, 5.0Gbps 1-port USB3.0
  • PI3EQX501BQ: 3.3V, 5.0Gbps (Single-Channel) USB3.0


  • PI5USB30216C/D: USB Type-C™ plug orientation (CC pins) detector
  • PI4IOE5V9539: 16-bit I2C-bus and SMBus low power I/O port with interrupt and reset

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