Personal femtocell cuts international call costs


Ubiquisys claims to have developed the first personal femtocell, which will allow people travelling abroad to use their mobile as though in their home country.

Although developed specifically for the iPhone, the attocell works out of the box with any 3G phone, and has also been tested with Blackberry, Nokia and Android smartphones.

Ubiquisys is already in discussions with several mobile operators about the product.

Called the attocell, it connects to a user’s laptop via USB, which provides power and an internet connection. 

It then analyses the IP address and radio environment to determine which country it is in, and sets its 3G radio power accordingly to below the licenced level.

In some countries its range will be just 5mm, in other countries, it could cover a whole room.

“The attocell innovation is a direct response to meet a specific requirement from mobile operators,” said Chris Gilbert, CEO Ubiquisys.

The company will showcase the attocell to customers in Barcelona, at February’s Mobile World Congress, from their hospitality suite AV85.

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