ST adds Trolltech Linux support to mobile processor

STMicroelectronics has added a Linux and Trolltech’s Qtopia application environment to its Nomadik multimedia application processor.

Based on ST’s distributed-processing architecture with smart multimedia accelerators, the latest STn8815 processor combines the application engine with a Linux base port and the Qtopia application framework.

The Linux platform integrates major multimedia codecs (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, JPEG) and a full set of drivers for ST’s embedded peripherals, including Bluetooth, WiFi, digital still camera, video output and power management.

Trolltech’s Qtopia is used in popular software such as Skype, Google Earth and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

It is an application platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile and embedded devices. The full software stack supports the handset functions such video and voice calls, video and music playback, internet browsing, camcorder, touch screen and smart energy management.

“Until now, equipment manufacturers were largely left on their own to integrate software on top of the OS. The Nomadik Linux platform with the Qtopia application framework bridges the gap, providing a single-source solution that dramatically reduces product development time for both hardware and software,” said Teppo Hemia, mbile platform chipset director at ST.

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