T-Mobile launches next-gen Android mobile phone in the US

The mobile phone market will be watching as T-Mobile launches its next generation Android mobile phone, myTouch 3G, in the US today.

Designed by HTC of Taiwan, T-Mobile myTouch 3G is being presented as the “Google phone”.

The search engine giant has developed the Android operating system in its bid to open up the smartphone market which is currently dominated by Apple’s iPhone and handsets running Windows Mobile.

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The first mobile phone based on the Android platform, the G1 also made by HTC, was launched last September in the US.

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A feature of the new handset is that it allows to personalise the entire theme of the device with new widgets, icons and wallpapers, which can be added directly on the home screen.

It will also host the Android Market of downloadable applications.

T-Mobile said its 3G network is currently available in 176 US cities.

Another feature is one-touch access to the Google mobile services.

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