Mentor buys high-level RTL synthesis technology

Mentor Graphics has acquired certain assets of Oasys Design Systems, which supplies the Oasys RealTime RTL physical synthesis platform for complex SoCs, ASICs, and IP blocks.

The Oasys team led by its founders, Paul van Besouw, Johnson Limqueco, and Harm Arts, has created a next-generation RTL physical synthesis technology, which optimises at a higher level of abstraction.

The result is it is possible to synthesise the entire top level of the largest designs, all while being physically aware for better correlation with physical design.

“The Oasys team has done an exceptional job in developing an innovative synthesis platform that delivers compelling value at advanced nodes,” said Pravin Madhani, general manager of the place and route division at Mentor Graphics.

Paul van Besouw

Paul van Besouw

According to Paul van Besouw, former chairman and chief technology officer at Oasys Design Systems: “RealTime’s ability to handle large designs, unique RTL code placement approach, physical RTL synthesis and integrated floorplanning capabilities helps deliver the best quality of results and reduces the time to design closure.”

Oasys is a privately held company that was founded in 2004 and funded by Intel Capital, Xilinx Ventures, and several private investors.


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