CadSoft launches v7 of Eagle PCB

CadSoft has rolled its Eagle PCB layout tool to version 7, improving the auto-router and allowing large designs to be split across a team.

CadSoft Eagle v7

CadSoft Eagle v7

The auto-router can simultaneously generate multiple routing variants on multi-core processors (one per core) and requires fewer manual interventions.

Large schematic designs to be organised into a hierarchy of small functional blocks which can thn be assigned to different team members, while “giving large organisations a global view of the functional blocks of the project to make it easier to locate and change aspects of the schematic or layout”, said CadSoft.

There have been changes to licencing. Users now need to specify the identity number (HostID) of the computer they are running Eagle on when they buy it. Multi-user licensees will manage seats from a license server. Single-user licensees can install their software on up to two devices.

There is also a tool (one of CadSoft’s .ulp ‘user language programs’) to export .idf (intermediate data format) files representing the maximum rectangular dimension of components (see image). These place-holders can be used for preliminary mechanical checking before exact 3d models are available.

“A comprehensive 3D model can be created with Simplified Solution’s ‘IDF-to-3d’ tool,” said the firm, which will be offering IDF-to-3D in its web shop later in the summer.

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