CDNLive: Cadence SPICE simulator for transistor-level mixed-signal

Cadence Design Systems announced today at CDNLive in Munich that its FastSPICE simulator, Spectre XPS (eXtensive Partitioning Simulator) now supports transistor-level mixed-signal design.

According to Cadence, typical mixed-signal designs require solutions with greater transistor-level throughput with the same predictability of a SPICE simulator.

“The proprietary partitioning technology of Spectre XPS improves performance while maintaining the accuracy required. Spectre XPS automatically solves the sensitive blocks of the circuit with a higher level of accuracy while accelerating the less sensitive areas, thereby optimising performance and accuracy,” said the company.

This simulation platform spans SPICE, advanced SPICE, RF and FastSPICE technologies, enabling easy transition across analysis and flows.

Spectre XPS is integrated into the Cadence Liberate MX memory characterisation tool for SRAM designs, and the Cadence Virtuoso Analog Design Environment for mixed-signal designs.

“We have worked closely with our analog/mixed-signal customers to understand the complexities and verification challenges they are experiencing in order to develop a solution that meets their needs,” said Tom Beckley, senior vice president, Custom IC and PCB Group at Cadence.

Spectre XPS with mixed signal support is currently available in limited production and is scheduled to be in full production in Q4 2014.





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