Cores for China

IP specialist Analog Bits has designed a family of core-based PLL products specifically for use by China’s semiconductor industry. 

Mahesh Tirupattur - Analog Bits Executive VP

Mahesh Tirupattur – Analog Bits Executive VP

Called C-PLL, for Core-PLL, these licensable PLL cores are an extension to the Analog Bits’ TSMC IP products tailored for the high-volume and low-cost needs of the markets serviced by today’s semiconductor designers and manufacturers.

“Chinese semiconductor companies often focus on the highest volume markets and applications,” says Analog Bits vp Mahesh Tirupattur, “as a consequence, they seek the lowest part cost – which is achieved by having minimal area.”

Small die size and a no-royalty business model makes the C-PLL line suitable for cost-sensitive devices in markets like IoT, Wearable Computing, and new Consumer and Industrial SoCs.”

With oscillator frequencies of up to 4GHz, members of the C-PLL product family are also as small as .01 sq. mm with power efficiency as low as 0.5mW/GHz for power-sensitive applications.

Each has been productised on TSMC’s high-volume 28nm process node. The C-PLL cores are initially available on TSMC’s 28HPC and 28HPM process nodes and will be made available at other fabs as needed by customers.

They will be available directly from Analog Bits, with downloadable design kits available. The product family will also be documented in both English and Chinese, to support the worldwide customer base.

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