Globalpress Summit: The iTunes store of the IP world

Globalpress Summit: The iTunes store of the IP world, the Xena IP shop set up by IPextreme, has been adding a few bells and whistles.

Xena allows IP developers, for $200 a month, to put the IP they’ve developed in the Xena store for users to license or buy.

“Xena appears to be the developer’s own site,” says Warren Savage, CEO of IPextreme, “it’s like a company’s own web-site and it has the whole infrastructure for running an IP resource.”

A buyer or licensee company can use a search engine designed by IPextreme, to search across all the IP in the Xena store to find what he’s looking for.

IPextreme has added a variant to that model whereby big companies can use Xena to share IP across their internal divisions.

“In big companies this function was traditionally done by the CAD department,” explains Savage, “but in the last decade CAD departments have been gutted along with other non-revenue-producing units.”

So a big company can get a virtual CAD department via Xena. The annual fee allows an unlimited number of internal and external users to use the resource.

“We’ve got one major customer and expect three or four by the end of the year,” says Savage.

Another variant of Xena allows small IP companies to grow an ecosystem which overcomes the disadvantages of being small.

For instance a company which is too small to have a marketing and sales departments in say, Japan, can use the marketing and sales departments of a fellow ecosystem member which does.

Aptly named Constellations, the subscription is $5,000 a year which includes two Xena licences.

As well as existing in the virtual world, Constellations physically brings people together at events.

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