MathWorks expands tools for multicore and embedded Linux

The MathWorks has announced the latest release of its MATLAB and Simulink product families, which include new streaming capabilities for signal processing and video processing in MATLAB and nonlinear solvers for standard and large-scale optimisation.

Release 2010a also introduces Simulink PLC Coder, which helps industrial control system engineers generate IEC 61131 structured text.

This release updates 83 other products, including PolySpace code verification products.

For MATLAB there are signal processing blockset and video and image processing blockset, as well as new system objects for stream processing.

There is also added support for multicore and additional multithreaded math functions in MATLAB.

Simulink will now offer expanded support for large design teams, which includes tunable parameter structures for management of large parameter sets and triggered model blocks and function-call branching for component-based modeling.

Simulink will also offer code generation support for Eclipse, Embedded Linux, and ARM processors.

An IEC Certification Kit offers ISO/DIS 26262 tool qualification support for Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder and PolySpace verification products.

DO Qualification Kit: DO-178B tool qualification support extended to model coverage, which expands the certification credit possible with model verification.

The new release is available immediately and is being provided to users with current subscriptions to MathWorks software maintenance service.

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