Mentor adds Linux and multicore options for in-car media

Mentor Graphics has said it is possible to add user interfaces or HMIs, similar to those seen in consumer electronics devices to in-vehicle dashboards.

Mentor Sourcery CodeBench

Mentor Sourcery CodeBench

It has added graphics development and optimization functionality to this GENIVI 5.0  embedded Automotive Technology Platform (ATP) for Linux based in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) system development.

It has also combined the platform with the recently announced Mentor Embedded Hypervisor so that secure software can be separated from general infotainment functions.

The platform uses Mentor’s  Sourcery Analyser to profile the entire embedded IVI system, including use cases such as fast boot and graphics performance.

The new release includes graphics framework support for X11 and Wayland, GPU support and an instrumented package for QT 5.0 that includes the visual and interactive analysis of UI smoothness, start-up time, latency and QML activity.

This ATP release has achieved GENIVI 5.0 compliance for the Freescale i.MX6, Texas Instruments OMAP5 and Renesas Marzen H1, and is fully Yocto Project 1.5 compliant.

The release also provides a Virtual BSP for host-based development and testing.

Mentor said it will track standards such as GENIVI and the Yocto Project and add support for emerging multicore and heterogeneous hardware including the Texas Instruments Jacinto 6.

“The latest ATP release supports leading IVI SoCs and adds unique instrumentation and profiling from the kernel to graphics layers,” said Glenn Perry, general manager of the Embedded Software division of Mentor Graphics.

“Our experience working with Tier One suppliers drove us to simplify profiling of Linux based IVI systems,” said Perry.


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