Mentor buys open source toolchain firm

Mentor Graphics has made a move to strengthen its position in the open-source software market with the acquisition of certain assets of CodeSourcery, a California-based developer of open source GNU-based tools.

“We believe that the future of embedded development depends on the wide availability of open source software and tools,” said Glenn Perry, general manager, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software division.

“This will significantly increase the value of embedded solutions that Mentor Embedded can provide its customers, as well as contributions to the open source community,” said Perry.

This is Mentor’s second acquisition to build its open-source and Linux expertise in 12 months, last year it bought Embedded Alley, a developer of Linux and Android runtime software.

The EDA firm will use the deals to support its collaborations with hardware IP and SoC developers.

According to Mark Mitchell, former CEO of CodeSourcery and now director of embedded tools, Mentor Graphics Embedded Software division: “The future of embedded software development is based on open-source tools, and as part of Mentor Embedded, CodeSourcery will be able to participate in the open-source community on an even greater scale than before.”

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