Mentor embraces open source with Bridgepoint xtUML move

Mentor Graphics intends to place the front-end UML editor of its BridgePoint xtUML environment into the open source domain.

According to the design tool firm, this will “provide the system design community with broader access to comprehensive UML editing capabilities, encouraging advancement to powerful executable and translatable model-driven development.”

The significance of the UML design environment is that it provides a starting point for model-driven flows with their data management benefits and for the reuse of intellectual property.

“Open source has already reduced barriers to entry for modeling tools. Making BridgePoint open source now extends this benefit to users of executable and translatable UML, while allowing them to continue to gain from the extensive expertise captured by MGC’s model compilers and verification tools,” said Stephen Mellor, originator of the modeling methodology that underlies BridgePoint xtUML.

The BridgePoint xtUML-based environment is built upon the Eclipse IDE platform. The term xtUML indicates extensions to the standard UML, which enables execution of the UML model to verify its behaviour along with translation of the UML into downstream implementation languages such as C, C++, SystemC and others, while supporting interface standards like IP-XACT and AUTOSAR.

Mentor’s BridgePoint development team will participate in the open source community, contributing features and streamlining executable UML knowledge transfer.

“The BridgePoint software is actually used to develop the various components that make up the BridgePoint product recommended for customer use. Therefore, the code being placed into the open source domain includes the xtUML meta-model, the xtUML model of BridgePoint, and the Java source that interfaces with the Eclipse environment,” said Mentor.

Mentor Graphics has also announced the 10.1 release of the Questa functional verification platform for system-on-chip (SoC) and FPGA designs.

The release includes new support of the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), accelerated coverage closure, and low power verification.

The BridgePoint technology will be discussed at the Mentor Graphics booth #1530 during the Design Automation Conference (DAC 2012), being held in San Francisco from June 3-7, 2012.

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