MIPS creates community for Android developers

MIPS Technologies has launched a developer community for software developers working with the Android platform.

The online community will also be relevant for anyone developing Linux operating system based applications on MIPS-based hardware.

“This new community demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the vibrant open source effort around the MIPS cores and architecture,” said Art Swift, v-p of marketing and business development at MIPS Technologies.

Resources available via the community website will include Android on MIPS source code, porting instructions, a native development kit (NDK) for Android applications development on MIPS, and other Android resources.

There will be Linux on MIPS resources including kernel source code, as well as downloadable development tools including the MIPS Navigator Integrated Component Suite (ICS) integrated development environment and GCC compilers for MIPS.

“As the MIPS architecture continues to expand into new high-volume markets such as mobile handsets and tablets, we see an increasing need for these resources among the growing MIPS developer community,” said Swift

All information and resources on the site are openly accessible.

Last year, the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Program has secured widespread support from the embedded design community

This represents the importance of Linux in the mobile communications and computing market.

As well as widespread support in the IT sector from the likes of IBM, BT, AMD and Nokia, the programme is also supported by the following embedded companies.



MIPS Technologies




Texas Instruments

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