Embedded Systems

Raspberry Pi runs Intel digital signage spec

Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor is attracting as much interest at the low cost embedded computing board’s ARM-based CPU.

Both CPU and graphics processor are Broadcom chips.

US-based start-up Jetpac runs image recognition software on the Raspberry Pi’s graphics processor (GPU).

According to Pete Warden…

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Arduino-compatible Spark board available at CPC

The Spark Core Wi-Fi enabled, Arduino-compatible development platform is now being stocked by consumer distributor CPC.

The Spart Core board, which attracted more than $500,000 in pledges on Kickstarter last year, is open source but also code-compatible with Arduino.

CPC already distributes the entire Arduino range…

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NI creates Linux embedded design module

NI has introduced an embedded system development board which comes with Linux-based real-time operating system (RTOS) already integrated.

The SOM (system-on-module) has a dual-core ARM processor in the Xilinx Zynq All Programmable system on a chip (SoC) with memory.

But the level of software integration…

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Android, Arduino development board goes on sale

The UDOO prototyping board for Android, Linux, Arduino and Google ADK applications is available from German distributor Conrad Business Supplies.

Created by SECO and AIDILAB, the development board is based on a dual or quad core ARM cortex-A9 CPU with a dedicated ARM processor for IO management.

Expected to…

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More on: Raspberry Pi Model B+

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has up-graded the Raspberry Pi Model B but, for industrial users, “we’ll be keeping Model B in production for as long as there’s demand for it”, said the Foundation’s Eben Upton.

The new board is the Model B+, which should not be…

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Cambridge start-up brings NFC to Raspberry Pi

Cambridge-based start-up AppNearMe has launched a Near Field Communication (NFC) design platform for the development of sensors and actuators that can communicate a phone or tablet using NFC.

The board can also be used as an accessory for popular prototyping platforms such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.


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Starter kit for MSP430 FRAM micro designs

Texas Instruments has introduced the MSP430 ULP (ultra low power) FRAM LaunchPad development platform which incorporates embedded FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory).

The MSP-EXP430FR5969 evaluation module for the MSP4305969 microcontroller incorporates embedded FRAM, a non-volatile memory with high speed write access, for applications such as metering, wearable electronics…

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