ARM and LSI address the data deluge gap

LSI Logic and ARM are addressing the data deluge gap – the perennial gap between the demand for bandwidth and the capacity provided by the network operators.

Jeff Richardson, LSI’s COO, points out that network traffic is growing at 32% CAGR but the spending on telecommunications equipment is growing at 5% CAGR.

LSI’s answer to the gap is Axxia, an SoC which has separate cores for traffic management, security and switching.

Although Axxia currently uses Power PC cores, it is switching to ARM. “We feel good about ARM’s road map,” Richardson tells EW. LSI has been working with ARM on networking for a year.

LSI grew revenues 32% last year to over $2bn and it is expected it will grow them another 25% this year.

As well as its networking chips, LSI has a storage IC business where it has technology called Nytro PCIe Flash for servers which alleviates the latency bottleneck between the access time of HDD and the access time of flash cache.

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