Raspberry Pi goes to Cambridge to get free OS

A developer has created a tutorial course on building a simple Raspberry Pi operating system.

In the true open spirit of the Raspberry Pi Foundation and with the support of the University of Cambridge Computer lab he has made the course freely available on the web

“This summer, the University of Cambridge Computer Lab has been home to a small group working on projects with the Raspberry Pi,” writes Liz Upton from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. 

“Alex Chadwick is one of those people, and he’s produced this: a free course on building a very simple operating system for the Raspberry Pi in assembly language,” says Upton.

This is not meant for those new to programming, but should be accessible even for someone new to assembly language.

Included are instructions on building your own USB HID driver. “This is a really useful way of getting to understand the USB controller that’s already on the Raspberry Pi,” says Upton.

Raspberry Pi Foundation

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