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Electronics patent of the month: Jaguar Land Rover crash avoidance system

Michael Jaeger, patent attorney at leading UK patent and trade mark attorneys Withers & Rogers LLP, writes:

GB Patent Number: GB2488238
Granted to: Jaguar Land Rover Limited

One of the consequences of living in an automated society is that while most of us were living life in the slow lane…

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Patents: Obama declares war on the patent trolls

When ordinary activities like using Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or updating smartphone apps provokes lawsuits you know something is seriously amiss with the legal system. That has been the state of play for some time in the US – but perhaps not for much longer.

Recently US president Barack…

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Electronics patent of the month: Radio tracking of hospital assets

GB Patent Number: 2483006
Granted to: Awarepoint Corporation

I was really quite shocked last week when listening to a news report about ‘never events’. These are serious surgical blunders which are preventable and should never have happened. Examples of such ‘never events’ include operating on the wrong body part and…

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UK regulator reveals plans for white space radio

Reality of the first consumer wireless devices which use ‘white space’, the radio spectrum between TV bands has moved a step closer with the publication, by industry regulator Ofcom, of plans to allow the technology to be used in the UK. Some believe using white space or neglected spectrum could…

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Comment: Intel, ARM - Are we on the brink of another tablet patent war?

It seems that hardly another day goes by without another global consumer electronics giant filing a patent lawsuit against another, writes Alan MacDougall, a Chartered Patent Attorney and partner at IP advisers Mathys & Squire LLP. With Apple and Samsung currently engaged in all out warfare in courtrooms…

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Government plans awareness campaign for RoHS recast

UK Government’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) has approached distributor Farnell as part of its plan to increase awareness of RoHS and WEEE recasts (RoHS 2 and WEEE 2).

Farnell will also be helping to promote a series of roadshows presenting developments in European legislation to users…

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Comment: A shorter commercial lifespan is no reason not to patent

Karl Barnfather, patent attorney at Withers & Rogers, comments on draft legislation to implement the Patent Box from April 2013. Small and medium-sized businesses should not let an expectation that their invention will have a limited commercial lifespan stop them from obtaining patent protection and benefiting from tax relief…

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