RoHS2, EuP and Reach among legislation to watch 2009

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See also: ARM, Freescale CEOs among semiconductor insiders to watch 2009As we continue to look ahead to the new year, here is our suggestion for five pieces of legislation to watch in 2009. It is provided by Gary Nevison, Farnell’s spokesman on legislation affecting the electronics industry.

1. Reach
In Reach, the communication downstream of SVHC information and supporting safe use data will be a massive issue, especially when suppliers outside the EU are not obligated to provide the information. Customers/users may not wait as patiently for the data as they did with RoHS.

2. RoHS2
RoHS2 will impact industry in terms of data collection. There may be a false sense of security in industry with some of the implementation dates for new product categories, a change in the exemptions (some removed, the odd one added, some reworded) and potential restricted substances not immediately upon us. As before, speed will be driven by customer demand/pressure.

3. Energy Using Products
The Energy Using Products Directive will come more into the limelight this year as numerous “Implementing Measures” will be announced that will impact the design engineer/eco-design. Meeting specific targets may drive out certain technologies, in particular around lighting and power supplies.

4. China RoHS
Despite slipping over a year, the first symbolic catalogue listing products and restricted substances is expected in the next few months.

WEEE Directive development should follow proposals published by the European Commission last year. There will be increased focus on designing for easier and safer recycling. The issue of uncontrolled recycling in the developing world will gain more exposure with pressure on the US and Canada to ratify the Basel Convention that forbids the developed world to dump electronic waste on the developing world.

See also: Electronics Weekly’s WEEE Directive In Full Force, a roundup of content related to the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulations, and a RoHS special, on the European Directive regarding ‘Restriction of Hazardous Substances’.

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