Providing the energy of things to the internet of things

Providing the ‘energy of things’ to the ‘internet of things’ is difficult. With so many things around your home or office or car, no one power source can be used for each of them.

Some can be plugged into the wall, others need to run off of batteries, and still…

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High efficiency solar cells make grid parity a viable prospect

Sven Armbrecht from LG Solar describes how N-type silicon wafer technology can increase the power efficiency of solar cells and make grid parity a viable prospect

Solar power has been one of the biggest sources of new electricity generation for the last few years in Europe.

Multiple factors have…

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Intel, SGI and 3M create liquid-cooled supercomputer

A supercomputer developed by Intel and SGI uses a new type of  two-phase immersion cooling technology developed by 3M.

The ’proof-of-concept’ distributed memory supercomputer, the SGI ICE X has its hardware boards immersed in a dielectric fluid called 3M Novec.

According to 3M, the two-phase immersion…

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RFMD US Air Force contract to make GaN-on-SiC mainstream

RFMD says 6-inch GaN-on-Silicon Carbide (SiC) monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology being developed as part of a $9.7m contract with the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) will have implications for commercial applications including cellular infrastructure.

RFMD is to transfer to the AFRL and produce…

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Brushed motors are not forgotten

Toshiba has launched a one-channel dc brush motor driver IC for industrial equipment.

“TB67H303HG is the industry’s first monolithic IC to realize 10A output current and 50V withstand voltage,” said the firm. “High output current and voltage are required for motor driver circuits in industrial equipment, banking terminals…

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Record efficiency for transparent solar cell

Heliatek, a Germany-based producer of organic solar cell films, claims to have achieved record efficiency for a transparent solar cell.

The solar cell with a transparency of 40% had a recorded efficiency of over 7%.

This compares with the 12% cell efficiency the company achieved for an opaque (non…

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Power Integrations slashes TV stand-by power

Power Integrations has cut stand-by power to 4mW in a 5V 8W mains power supply.

The design is not a phone charger, but a stand-by supply for TVs and other consumer appliances that can deliver 1mW to other circuits while idling at 4mW.

“We are moving very close…

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French solar energy projects are design win for Innotech Solar

The French environment ministry has approved 177 photovoltaic projects in its first round of tender invitations.

As CO2 levels account for one third of the weighting in French tenders. Overall, solar projects with a cumulative capacity of 40.3 megawatts (MW) were awarded contracts.

A number of the projects used…

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