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More on: Infineon's over-current blocking FET

Infineon Technologies is to develop a two-terminal semiconductor device that acts as a circuit breaker for hundreds of volts and amps: doubling the performance of its mains-voltage super-junction mosfets along the way.

The aim is to replace electromechanical circuit breakers with something faster.

“A circuit breaker can…

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More on: Toshiba supplies UK with 1MW smart grid battery

The University of Sheffield is building a 2MW 1MWh smart grid energy store, using novel lithium ion batteries from Toshiba. It will be the UK’s largest grid-connected battery.

Funded by the EPSRC, the store will be a research facility for academics and power companies, and the biggest in…

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Boost converter goes multi-phase for less ripple

Linear Tech has gone two phase to shrink components in a monolithic battery-powered boost converter.

Common in high-current buck (step-down) converters, multi-phase operation is uncommon in step-up converters.
“Dual-phase operation significantly reduces peak inductor and capacitor ripple currents, minimising component size while delivering lower…

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Toshiba supplies UK with 1MW smart grid battery

Toshiba is providing the UK with a 1MWh lithium-ion battery for research into power storage on a smart grid.

It will be part of the Grid Connected Energy Storage Research Demonstrator project, led by the University of Sheffield, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), with…

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Raytheon battery monitor tested by military

Raytheon’s battery monitoring system (BMS) will be used in military vehicles to help extend the life of batteries, reduce the number of unnecessary battery replacements.

Battery power is used to drive engines during so-called ‘Silent Watch’ periods.

The system is designed to revert to a hibernation mode when…

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Composite insulators improve transformer safety

Resin high-voltage insulators with a composite casing can mitigate explosion, fire and leakage in high power transformers, according to Paolo Cardano, transformer expert at power component maker Alstom.

Around a quarter of the insulators, known as ‘bushings’, currently sold by Alstom are of the resin type but Cardano anticipates…

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Big transformers go veggie

Vegetable oil-based electrical fluids will increase transformer safety and minimise environmental impact compared with traditional mineral transformer oil, according to oil company Repsol.

“We have to accept that petroleum reserves are finite,” said Repsol technologist Ernesto Diestre. “Repsol is seeking a guarantee of a secure supply, with lower emissions…

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TI and Altium get together on power design

Texas Instruments WEBENCH power design and simulation tools can now be used with Altium’s Designer range of EDA tools in an analogue circuit design and simulation environment.

The system interface, the WEBENCH Altium Connector, can be downloaded from the two companies’ websites.

A power supply design created in WEBENCH…

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