Analog Devices buys smart-metering technology

Analog Devices has acquired power-line communications technology from Domosys, a Quebec-based hardware and software developer.

ADI has acquired from Domosys power-line communications technology called PowerBUS Rhino including all related patents, hardware, and software.

This technology is effective for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems utilities need for “smart-grid” applications that acquire and communicate consumption information for electricity, gas, and water. 

AMI systems provide two-way meter communications, allowing instructions to be sent to residences for multiple purposes, including “real-time” pricing data, demand-response actions, or remote service disconnects. 

With power-line communications all signals are sent and received over existing power lines or twisted-pair wires.

“The global demand for AMI applications has greatly increased in recent years, especially in China, North America, and Europe,” said Ronn Kliger, product line director, energy metering products at Analog Devices. 

ADI said it will develop new products incorporating the technology for later this year.


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