Custom IGBT driver centre opens

Swiss IGBT driver manufacturer CT-Concept is to open custom design centre in Ense, Germany.

It will develop semi-custom gate-drive designs based on its driver cores, and produce full-custom drivers using the firm’s Scale-2 chipset for large projects.

The chipset allows direct paralleling and dynamic active clamping “requiring less de-rating when IGBT modules are used in parallel,” claimed CT.

CT-Concept aims its IGBT and mosfet drivers at mid to high-power applications, such as industrial drives, renewable energy, traction and automotive equipment.

“There are new design challenges, including increased switching frequencies and multi-level topologies combined with the use of new materials,” said CT president Wolfgang Ademmer.

The firm has been part of US ac-dc power conversion chip maker Power Integrations since May last year.

At the time, this was a good match to Power Integration’s investment in silicon carbide power JFET manufacturer SemiSouth, which has since gone bust.

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