PCIM: Fairchild’s 2.5A optocoupler powers solar inverters

High power solar inverters and motor drives are the design target for a gate driver optocoupler from Fairchild Semiconductor capable of handling 690VAC and constant DC voltages greater than 1000VDC.

“In order to achieve this, a creepage and clearance distance of 10mm or greater is essential,” said the supplier.

Fairchild’s has developed a 2.5A output current gate driver optocoupler, which is being shown at PCIM in Nuremberg this week.

Based on the firm’s Optoplanar packaging technology, the FOD8320 optocoupler achieves a high insulation voltage as well as high noise immunity in a wide body 5-pin small outline package.

It allows for creepage and clearance distance greater than 10mm and 0.5mm internal insulation distance.

The FOD8320 provides an extended industrial temperature range (-40 to +100ºC) and is suitable for fast switching of power IGBTs and mosfets used in industrial inverter applications.

Designed with 35kV/µs minimum Common Mode Noise Rejection (CMR) resulting from the proprietary Optoplanar coplanar packaging technology, the device is designed to eliminate the capacitive charge buildup that occurs in the over-under construction.

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