Networked test standard aims for adoption with reference design

The cross-industry group promoting the LXI Ethernet-based test instrument interface is creating its first reference design which will be used by test fims to adapt their devices to the LXI bus-based instrument standard.

lxi test product

This extends the work for the LXI Consortium from strandard development to practical implementation.

The LXI Technical Committee will develop a reference design for use by the 50 or so consortium member companies. To this end it has signed a contract with TSE Plazotta to develop the LXI Reference Design and Implementation.

“Work starting on the LXI Reference Design marks a significant change in emphasis for the LXI Consortium,” said David Owen, co-chair of the LXI reference design working group.

“Previously the Technical Committee has focused on providing a stable and capable standard that reflects the needs of users, from there we created supporting information to help users understand how to put LXI systems together. We are now moving into a phase of making it simpler for vendors to adapt their products to LXI,” said Owen.

TSE Plazotta is a German software company specialising in comms and instrumentation applications in Windows, Unix and embedded systems.

According to Jochen Wolle, Co-Chair of the LXI Reference Design Working Group: “This is a great step forward to help vendors to adopt their devices to the LXI Standard.”

“We produce software for the LXI standard since the Version 1.0 was launched in 2005 for several instruments,” said Peter Plazotta, founder and Geschäftsführer Dipl. Ing.(FH) of TSE Plazotta remarks on joining the LXI Consortium.

“Now we have the great possibility to be a part of the LXI Consortium and be able to contribute with our ideas and knowledge to the LXI Reference Design,” said Plazotta.

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