PCB temperature measurement to +/-0.1°C

EthermView is a liquid crystal thermographic analysis system that provides accurate optical temperature measurements of active PCBs and components using the colour response of thermochromic liquid crystals.

15jan14ethermViewColours 402

Developed by Advanced Thermal Solutions (ATS) of Massachusetts, the system includes a colour camera (Firewire interface) with illumination for macroscopic inspection of boards and components.

15jan14ethermViewSystem 289“In contrast to infrared thermography systems, the ethermView method is not affected by ambient temperatures,” said the firm. “It provides more precise temperature measurements – within +/-0.1°C.”

ATS provides a choice of liquid crystals formulated to respond visually to specific temperatures – starting at red and changing to green then blue as they get hotter. Four calibrations are provided at no cost during the first year of ownership.

Starting price is $15,000, and rises depending on configuration and volume of liquid crystals provided.


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