Pico Technology intros 5GS/s PC scope

Pico Technology has increased the sampling and rates and memory depths of its PicoScope PC-based oscilloscopes.

The six oscilloscopes in the 6000 series offer 4 channels with a maximum sampling rate of 5Gsample/s, a range of input bandwidths from 250MHz to 500MHz, and buffer memory depths from 128M to 1G samples.

There is an option for either a built-in function generator or a built-in arbitrary waveform generator.

Running on a Windows PC, PicoScope oscilloscope software includes as standard all the oscilloscope and spectrum analyser functions as well as serial decoding, mask limit testing, segmented memory and advanced triggers.

Other built-in features include persistence displays with fast waveform update rates, math channels, automatic measurements with statistics, programmable alarms, and decoding of I2C, UART/RS232, SPI, CAN and LIN bus signals. Updates to the software are released free of charge.

A Software Development Kit (SDK), supplied free, allows you to control the new scopes from your own custom applications. The SDK includes example programs in C, C++, Excel and LabVIEW, or can be used with any other language that supports C calling conventions.

The SDK and PicoScope software are compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The PicoScope 6000 Series oscilloscopes are available now from Pico distributors worldwide and from www.picotech.com. Prices range from £1,995 for the 250MHz PicoScope 6402A with function generator to £4,495 for the 500MHz PicoScope 6404B with AWG, including a 5-year warranty.

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