Tektronix scope addresses serial busses and power

11dec13TekSide 500Tektronix has introduced an oscilloscope with up to 2GHz bandwidth, 10Gsample/s sample rate, and 50Msample record length as standard.

“A number of trends are driving change in the mid-range oscilloscope segment. Faster-speed serial buses such as USB 2.0, USB HSIC [inter-chip USB] and Ethernet are increasingly being used in embedded designs,” said the firm. “These in turn introduce design challenges like embedded clocks or tighter jitter budgets and often require more specialized analysis and compliance testing to ensure interoperability.”

Power supplies are another target, said the firm, where silicon carbide and gallium nitride transistors are increasing switching speeds, requiring oscilloscopes with higher bandwidth, faster sampling rates and even better probing – poor probing has always been a good way to ruin measurements on switching power supplies.

The scopes are the MSO/DPO5000B Series. http://www.tek.com/oscilloscope/mso5000-dpo5000

Probing includes 1GHz passive probes with 4pF loading. “Intensity grading technology helps engineers find elusive glitches and other transients in seconds,” added Tektronix.

Specifically for PSUs, there is a new version of the firm’s power software that adds measurement of inrush current, capacitance, and reactive power. “Designers can configure multiple measurements with custom settings, measure and analyse power dissipation in switching devices, and evaluate magnetic parameters in a single acquisition,” it said.

11dec13TekFront 600Record length options stretch to 250Msample, with 250,000 waveform/s capture rate, and >11bit resolution.

“Since mid-range oscilloscopes are often shared across engineering teams and moved from station to station, all models are now equipped standard with a 480Gbyte solid state disc which means engineers have waveform and set-up storage flexibility,” said the firm.

‘Visual Trigger’ is now included as standard, and allows users to create triggers based on shapes such as rectangles or hexagons to ease the capture complex waveforms.

MSO types are mixed signal scopes which have 16 digital channels for serial bus triggering and decode, time-aligned with analogue signals.

“Support is available for all major mid-speed and lower speed embedded and automotive buses,” claimed Tektronix. “Limit testing is now standard along with mask and serial data compliance options.”

Power spectral density and return loss testing can now be handled without usign a separate a spectrum or network analyser.

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