Bristol becomes an Intel Parallel Computing Centre

The University of Bristol has announced that it has been selected by Intel to become an Intel Parallel Computing Centre (IPCC).

Simon McIntosh-Smith

Simon McIntosh-Smith

Apparently it is in “recognition of the university’s HPC (high performance computing) research into the efficient use of many-core parallel computer architectures, and its leadership in driving open parallel programming standards”.

“I’m delighted Intel has chosen to partner with the University of Bristol for its first IPCC in the UK,” said Simon McIntosh-Smith, Senior Lecturer in High Performance Computing and Architectures in the Department of Computer Science.

“Our HPC group is a world leader in optimising parallel algorithms for very parallel architectures, such as the many-core Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors, and we are recognised as champions of open standards for parallel programming including OpenMP and OpenCL. We will also be collaborating in HPC training, and will leverage Bristol’s exciting undergraduate and masters course in high performance computing.”

“We look forward to working closely with Intel to help design the next generation of highly parallel HPC applications, and in training the next generation of parallel programming experts.”

Back in December 2013 we wrote about the University of Bristol selecting Intel as the supplier of choice for the University of Bristol’s new BlueCrystal High Performance Computer.

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