Leeds showcases interactive robotic work

A celebration of university research will take place at the Natural History Museum in London in June. Leeds University is among those taking part, showcasing its interactive robotic work aimed at such things as disaster response, exploration, surgery, prosthetics and patient rehabilitation.

Wormbot by Dr Jordan Boyle Leeds University School of Mechanical Engineering

Wormbot by Dr Jordan Boyle Leeds University School of Mechanical Engineering

The showcase is part of Universities Week (9 – 15 June 2014), an annual Universities UK campaign to increase public awareness of the varied role of the UK’s universities.

A dedicated space within the Natural History Museum will feature a number of universities exhibiting research. The aim is to provide opportunities for “members of the public to learn more about how universities are addressing the challenges that society wants to be solved”.

The university writes:

The University of Leeds’ robotic research spans a range of applications, from exploring the ancient pyramids through to robotic technology assisting patients’ arm recovery after strokes. Our researchers have drawn inspiration from biology and nature, building a giant robotic worm that can wiggle its way around obstacles and a device with feet modelled on tree frogs, which is being designed to crawl inside patients’ bodies for minimally invasive abdominal surgery.

More details about the event can be seen on the Universities Week website.

Universities Week 2014 is being run by Universities UK with Research Councils UK, the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement.

Pictured is the Wormbot, developed by Dr Jordan Boyle of the Leeds University School of Mechanical Engineering.

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