Manchester hosts graphene congress

The University of Manchester is this week hosting a graphene congress, for companies working on graphene applications of the future. It runs 12th-13th June.

James Baker - National Graphene Institute - Business Director

James Baker – National Graphene Institute – Business Director

It is the second annual Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Congress, to give it its full name, and will examine how graphene is being commercialised.

Speakers at the Congress include senior researchers from leading companies involved in graphene research, as well as academics, including Professor Robert Young and Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan from The University of Manchester.

Key sectors to be covered in the session include Application Progress Landmarks, Quality, Supply Scalability, Processability, Integration, Investors and Other 2D Materials.

Delegates at the Congress, says the university, will be invited to tour the NGI, set to open in early 2015, to see how the Institute is taking shape.

Within the NGI’s 7,800 square metres will be Europe’s largest cleanroom, and characterisation and research equipment.

James Baker, Business Director of Graphene@Manchester, said:

“The Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Congress promises to be an exciting opportunity to hear from some of the world’s leading graphene researchers.

We are delighted that the Congress is to be held in Manchester, the home of graphene and one of the world’s foremost centres of graphene commercialisation.”

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