Agilent runs USB 3.0 2.0 test seminars in June

Agilent Technologies would like to invite you this complimentary USB 3.0 2.0 In-Depth Testing Tour seminar which is co-organised by Agilent Technologies, Testronic Labs, Texas Instruments and DisplayLink in the UK on Thursday 9th June.

The one day seminar will be held in 3 different locations:

– France, on June 7th
– Belgium, on June 8th
– UK, on June 9th

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USB 3.0 Technology Overview and Industry update by Jim Choate

Agilent Technologies will present a technology overview and industry update for SuperSpeed USB3.0. USB 3.0 products are finally certified and shipping. However, SuperSpeed USB 3.0 product developers still have many questions about USB 3.0 design and testing challenges. How is transmitter testing performed? What are the biggest challenges for receiver testing? What are some of the biggest design problems that engineers face? What about certification of silicon, end products, and cables/connectors? In this seminar, we will review these topics as well as discuss common compliance testing pitfalls.

Compliance testing and Certification Services by Pascal Berten

USB is a wide spread technology that can be find in the PC world but also in the consumer electronics, automotive, internal bus system, embedded world,… USB is virtually everywhere. Due to this success interoperability testing has become more important than ever to avoid problems in the field. The presentation will cover the USB-IF test procedures and it’s most common failures from an electrical, protocol and functional point of view. Furthermore the presentation cover the limitation of the USB-IF procedures and why more testing is required. The presentation will be given by Pascal Berten of Testronic Labs the first USB-IF certification lab in the world and experienced in testing all type of USB products.

Integration and Certification Challenges for Superspeed Host, Hub and Device Solutions by Dan Harmon

Texas instruments will present suggestions on how to overcome some of the challenges of designing SuperSpeed USB Systems. Specific topics will include board layout challenges at 5-Gbps bit transfer speeds, power supply considerations, protection circuitry, and clocking the system. In addition, Texas Instruments will highlight the industry’s widest portfolio of SuperSpeed USB 3.0 devices.

Concepts to products: the reality of taking complex USB solutions from development to market by Dan Ellis

(NOTE: This paper will be presented in the UK only)

DisplayLink will provide an overview from a product perspective of integrating USB 3.0. Topics covered will include: FPGA prototyping, ASIC integration, PCB design, Embedded and Host software development. The talk will be focused on DisplayLink’s new SuperSpeed device, the latest in a history of products which primarily provide multi-display capability over USB.

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