Amplicon hosting Emerging Technologies seminar

Amplicon has announced it will be hosting a free seminar at its Brighton HQ, on 23rd September 2009. The content has been devised based on current and future trends in ‘Automation’.

Amplicon says the day is designed to give system integrators, solution providers and OEMs an insight into technologies such as Industrial Ethernet, 3G Cellular communications, solid state storage and many other emerging technologies.
The event marks the launch of the ‘Universal Architecture’ from Amplicon – its vision of how all future automation systems will be built regardless of the vertical market involved. Related to this, subjects covered in the seminar are:

  • Cellular (3G / GPRS) routers – provide cable-free access to the Internet and to other remote sites.
  • Serial to Ethernet converters – allow legacy RS232/422/485 devices to be used in an IP based network.
  • Industrial Ethernet – the network infrastructure achieved through the deployment of Industrial Ethernet switches.
  • Industrial computers – the data processing and visualisation ‘brains’ of the system.
  • Remote I/O modules – facilitates the communication of digital and analogue signals from a myriad of sensors across an IP network.

‘There is a silent revolution in Industrial Automation at the moment and whilst some of our customers have embraced critical new technologies, many more are unaware of all the options available to them,’ commented David Evans, Amplicon’s product development manager. ‘We would encourage anyone in the field of ‘automation’ to register for this seminar as they can be guaranteed to leave with innovative new ideas!’

Further details of the agenda and registration

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