Dual core chip aims at high-rel solar power conversion

For safe solar power conversion, Analog Devices has introduced a dual-core ARM-based micrcontroller.

Called the ADSP-CM41x series, the monolithically integrated cores are a Cortex-M4 and a Cortex-M0.

ADSP-CM41x - Dual core chip aims at high-rel solar power conversion“There are two controllers to meet safety regulations, one is there to put solar panel in safe state,” ADI technical director Uwe Brockelmann told Electronics Weekly. “We spoke to TUV and asked if they needed to be on separate silicon, and they said no.”

The 100MHz M0 is the house-keeping processor with TUV accreditaion, and the 240MHz M4 handles power conversion processing. “It’s fast processing to go along with GaN and SiC switching,” said Brockelmann, and we have also added pure hardware spark detection DSP, and fast over-current protection.”

There is a power supply reference design, which also includes AD740x sigma delta ADCs and ADuM413x isolated gate drivers.

Applications are also expected in energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure.

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Product Availability Packaging
ADSP-CM41x Samples 210 Ball BGA
76 Lead LQFP
ADSP-CM40x Production 212 Ball BGA
120 Lead LQFP
176 Lead LQFP


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