UK spintronics expert wins Millennium Technology Prize

Professor Stuart Parkin, a researcher in spintronics and pioneer of magneto-resistive random-access memory (MRAM) has been recognised by Technology Academy Finland with its 2014 Millennium Technology Prize.

Previous winners of the prize have included World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee and ethical stem cell pioneer Dr…

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Freescale bundles motor control design tool with Kinetis MCUs

Freescale Semiconductor’s Kinetis V series of microcontrollers come with a bundled motor control design tool.

Intended for sensored and sensorless motor control designs, requiring precise speed and position measurement in parallel with general application task processing, the MCU supports a range of control algorithms from entry level BLDC to…

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Google has selected MIPI UniPort-M for its modular smartphone ‘Project Ara’

The MIPI Alliance, electronic interface specification organisation, will present at Google’s Project Ara Module Developers Conference on April 15.

The conference will focus on the alpha release of the Ara Module developers kit (MDK) which uses MIPI UniPort-M interface protocol.

MIPI UniPro (Unified Protocol) transport layer, combined with…

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CadSoft Adafruit deal targets hobbyist PCB designers

Hobbyist (maker) design tool supplier, Adafruit Industries is now a global reseller of CadSoft’s Eagle PCB design software.

Adafruit will offer Eagle hobbyist, standard and professional licences.

Thomas Liratsch, managing director, CadSoft Computer said hobbyist market has been important to CadSoft from the start. “As the DIY, maker and…

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RF test is a battle between PXI and benchtop

Frank Berthaux from Agilent Technologies discusses the pros and cons of opting for benchtop or PXI-based modular instruments for testing RF systems

There is a debate taking place in the test and measurement industry about which is the best instrument form factor for RF test. Typically, this question centres…

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Universal 5V power amp covers GSM, 3G and LTE bands

Freescale Semiconductor has designed a 5V power amplifier which covers GSM, 3G, 4G and LTE frequency bands between 1500MHz and 2700MHz.

It achieves this with an output power of 2W and gain of more than 40dB.

Designated the MMZ25333B, it is a multi-stage power amplifier (PA) based on InGaP…

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Micron R&D Team For Sale On E-Bay

Micron’s sacked 419 R&D team are up for sale on E-bay.

The team are due to be sacked by Micron on April 7th after the company decided that a 5% global workforce reduction should be a 40% reduction in Italy.

The team’s speciality is non…

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