CadSoft Adafruit deal targets hobbyist PCB designers

Hobbyist (maker) design tool supplier, Adafruit Industries is now a global reseller of CadSoft’s Eagle PCB design software.

Adafruit will offer Eagle hobbyist, standard and professional licences.

Thomas Liratsch, managing director, CadSoft Computer said hobbyist market has been important to CadSoft from the start. “As the DIY, maker and hacker scene is becoming extremely popular and important, we continue to look for opportunities to support this market,” said Liratsch.

Adafruit CadsoftCadSoft visits Adafruit in New York (from right to left) Thomas Liratsch, managing director, CadSoft Computer, Limor Fried, founder of Adafruit Industries and Phillip Torrone, managing director of Adafruit Industries

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