Freescale adds ZigBee wireless to Kinetis MCU platform

Freescale Semiconductor has added to its range of Kinetis microcontrollers devcies optimised for 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless applications.

Block diagram

Block diagram

The Kinetis KW2x wireless platform integrates an ARM Cortex-M4 processor, and a 802.15.4 Standard-compliant RF transceiver to create a 2.4GHz platform.

It has 512kbyte flash and 64kbyte RAM, along with an option for an additional 64k of FlexMemory.

One feature of the transceiver is antenna diversity to improve reliability in teh presence of multipath interference.

There are also security features providing encryption methods including key generation, secure memory and tamper detect functionality.

Secure flash protects the code and data from unauthorized access or modification, while tamper detect can identify events and asynchronously erase secure RAM, generating an interrupt so the application firmware can take additional actions, including a system reset.

A cryptographic acceleration unit supports a set of specialised operations to improve the throughput of encryption/decryption operations as well as message digest functions.

The supplier has integrated the ZigBee protocol software into the MCU‘s development tools and there is a wireless connectivity toolkit, Freescale MQX software solutions and associated middleware, and the Tower System modular development platform for rapid prototyping. Third-party development support, including the IAR IDE, is also available from the extensive ARM ecosystem.



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