L+B: Leti to demonstrate Li-Fi prototype

French lab CEA-Leti will demonstrate its prototype for wireless high data rate Li-Fi transmission at Light + Building in Frankfurt next week.

The uses the high-speed capabilities for LED lighting and achieves throughputs of up to 10Mbit/s at a range of 3m, suitable for HD video streaming, using less than 1,000 lm – with direct or indirect illumination.

“With this first proof of concept and its expertise in RF communications, Leti forecasts data transmission rates in excess of 100Mbit/s with traditional lighting based on LED lamps using this technology approach and without altering the lighting characteristics,” claimed Leti.

The optical system consists of an A19 LED lamp at the transmitter and an avalanche photodiode at the receiver. “The digital communication component is implemented on a proprietary and reconfigurable platform that carries out a flexible multi-carrier modulation,” said Leti, which is focussing on component optimisation to offer a bi-directional link.

This is the same prototype that was demonstrated at Forum LED Europe in Paris in 2013, and at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year.

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