Harting boosts power system capability in the UK

Harting Integrated Solutions has extended its design and manufacturing capabilities in the UK for PCBs capable of transmitting high-power using a range of solutions designed to connect high currents directly onto the PCB.

Harting boosts power system capability in the UK

In addition to their normal use for carrying data and signals, backplanes and passive PCBs are used to link the power supply to connected devices.

The Harting Han connector family includes PCB adapters that can supply currents to the PCB from 7.5A to 40A.

Harting is using its mechanical design capabilities to save space and assembly costs when interfacing with I/O connections.

High currents routed in proximity to sensitive PCB signal paths can present challenges in terms of PCB design and thermal management, and the company addresses these issues by developing custom backplanes and passive PCBs.

The Han-Fast Lock connector allows even higher currents of up to 60A. It is assembled by being inserted into a plated hole provided for the contact which is locked in place with an integral latching pin and can be released again if necessary.

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