London Wearable Technology Show attracts major semiconductor companies

Major chip companies took stands at the Wearable Technology Show (WTS) in London this week, some announcing new products at the show.

London Wearable Technology Show attracts major semiconductor companies

WTS shared a hall with two other exhibitions: IoT Connect – another good fit for chip makers – and Augmented Reality 2016.

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Exhibitors were from all levels. For wearables for example, there were: suppliers providing components for wearables, firms making wearables, and service-providers using wearables.

Applications ranged far and wide, from leisure through well-being to medical, and from home-automation to smart textiles.

In general, chip firms were concentrating on ultra-low power processing, ultra-low power sensing, Bluetooth and power conditioning – all of which link well to both wearables and IoT.

Alongside the chip firms there were plenty of virtual (and augmented) reality headsets at the Wearable Technology Show, some because that is what the company makes and others because they are linked to games or services.

And it is not often you see groups of happy and engaged school children walking around a trade show.

Wearables on the Nordic Semi stand

Wearables on the Nordic Semi stand

Electronics companies that attended
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Alongside the shows, there were several pay-for one-room conferences:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Smart Home & Connected Living
  • Healthcare & Digital Apps
  • Mobile payment, Retail & Payment Services
  • Smart Textiles & Sensors
  • Performance Sports & Fitness
  • Wearable

Then there were free-to-enter conferences and demonstration spaces:

  • IoT
  • Business Start-up
  • Live Demo
  • Apps and IoT Developer
  • Microsoft Tech Lab


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