28nm yield issues at TSMC

Despite reports of yield problems on 28nm production at TSMC, the company says the ramp is fast.

“Our 28-nanometer entered volume production last year and contributed 2% of 4Q ’11s wafer revenue,” says TSMC CEO Morris Chang, “we expect the 28nm ramp this year to be fast and we expect 28nm will contribute more than 10% of total wafer revenue this year.”

Yesterday, at IFS2012 in

TSMC’s Chang insists all is going well. “We have so far completed 36 individual tape-outs and have scheduled another 132 individual product tape-out in 2012. While three versions of the 28-nanometer technology, the LP, the HP and the HPL have entered volume production, the fourth version, the HPM, has entered risk production this quarter and is expected to begin volume production in the second half of this year.”

Chang goes on to say: “Our 20-nanometer development is on track to start risk production at the end of this year.”

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