‘Highest-performance’ PXIe controller yet

Agilent M9037A PCIe controllerAt 12Gbyte/s data bandwidth, Agilent is claiming to have produced the highest-performance PXIe controller yet.

Called M9037A, “the controller’s 12Gbyte/s maximum data bandwidth offers capability for complex or multi-chassis systems and secure environments,” said the firm. “With best-in-class CPU processing speed and a front-panel removable 240Gbyte solid-state drive, it provides the performance, reliability and security required for aerospace/defence, RF, semiconductor, wireless communications, or electronic functional test.”

Data throughput is achieved using “a potential of up to 24 PCIe lanes”, said Agilent.

The computer is based on Intel’s i7-4700EQ extended life processor, claimed to be the fastest available by Agilent’s Mark Pierpoint.

Its front panel has x8 PCIe connection for external devices, such as a second PXIe chassis or a RAID storage without using a PXIe instrument slot.

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