Open architecture for NI chip tester

National Instruments PXI test systemNational Instruments (NI) has announced a PXI-based automated test systems for RF and mixed-signal semiconductor devices.

Called the Semiconductor Test System (STS) series, they allow NI and third-party PXI modules to be used in the semiconductor production test environment.

According to the firm, using an open modular architecture, particularly RF and mixed-signal test, stops the test gear bein gout-paced by the semiconductor technology.

“Traditional ATE systems require major retooling on the test floor as generations of test systems become obsolete or unable to meet new test requirements, but the nature of the PXI architecture helps us retain our original investment and build upon it, rather than throw it away,” said Glen Peer, test director at chip maker IDT.

STS uses to NI software products: TestStand test management software and LabView system design software.

It includes a customisable operator interface, handler/prober integration, device-centric programming with pin-channel mapping, standard test data format reporting and integrated multi-site support.

There are three models: T1, T2 and T4, which accommodate one, two and four PXI chassis respectively.

“These varying sizes give engineers the ability to optimise for a range of pin-count and site-count requirements,” said NI.

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