Maxim chip will connect industrial IoT sensor networks

Maxim Integrated has introduced dual-channel transceiver for sensor networks in a small form-factor for industrial IoT designs.

MAX14827 - Maxim chip will connect industrial IoT sensor networks


The MAX14827 dual-channel, 250mA transceiver meets the requirements of IO-Link sensor networks, and it has a high-voltage function for industrial sensors, including drivers and regulators.

For sensors that use a microcontroller, a SPI interface is available with extensive diagnostics.

For IO-Link operation, a three-wire UART interface is provided, allowing interfacing to the microcontroller UART.

Finally, a multiplexed UART/SPI option allows using one serial microcontroller interface for shared SPI and UART interfaces.

The device includes on-board 3.3V and 5V linear regulators for low-noise analogue/logic supply rails.

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