EW: Microchip moves PIC development to the cloud

Microchip has put its MPLAB Xpress integrated development environment (IDE) in the cloud.


This a free IDE for PIC microcontrollers which automatic code generation and MPLAB XC compilers, support for programmer/debugger hardware, and 10Gbyte of secure online storage with a myMicrochip account.

There is also a library of Microchip-validated code examples and an interface to MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC) 3.0 for GUI-based MCU peripheral setup.

The cloud-based software means designs can be carried out without downloads.

But if required it is possible to migrate projects to the full, downloadable MPLAB X IDE.

The user will need a PC or tablet with internet access, which is connected to the MPLAB Xpress evaluation board.  The development board features an integrated programmer, a PIC16F18855 MCU and a mikroBUS header for system expansion with MikroElektronika’s more than 180 Click boards.

The online IDE can be used with Microchip’s popular PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger/Programmer, which provides programming and debugging capabilities for over 1,000 PIC MCUs.

Microchip says the attraction is that

“users can open a browser and quickly generate code via the integrated MPLAB Code Configurator which integrates with MPLAB Xpress: this is a feature which is not available with any other cloud-based IDE. Users can then test that code with the included simulator, compile the code and then programme and debug their target MCU”.

The company has also set up a discussion forum on its website.

To access MPLAB Xpress; view getting-started and application demo videos; request one of a limited number of free MPLAB Xpress Evaluation Boards.


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