Microsemi cuts the power of 900MHz radio in ISM band

Microsemi has introduced a radio transceiver for the sub-GHz frequency band.

ZL70550 - Microsemi cuts the power of 900MHz radio in ISM band


Designated the ZL70550, the transceiver operates in the 779-965MHz unlicensed industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) frequency bands.

It will draw 2.8mA while transmitting at -10dBm output power and also 2.5 mA during reception. Sleep state current is 10nA.

The ZL70550 operates on 1.7V to 3.6V power rail. Output power is adjustable and supports data rates up to 200kbit/s.

The transmitter output power, receiver input sensitivity and data rate can be adjusted to give a link budget up to -107dBm.

It comes in a 3×2 mm chip scale package. Other than the antenna and, in some cases, its matching network, only a crystal, resistor and two coupling capacitors are required.

The device includes an advanced media access controller (MAC) that performs most link support functions, received signal strength indications (RSSI), clear channel assessment and forward error correction.

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